Our Story

Swimming has held a meaningful and prominent place in the lives of the founding members of the Pikes Peak Athletics Foundation Board.  Our board members each have unique and powerful stories as to the role that swimming has played in their lives. Many of them grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They learned to swim as young children, competed at the age-group, club, high school and collegiate levels. Currently, most compete as USMS masters swimmers on the Pikes Peak Athletics Masters swim team. It is this rich history and love for the sport that brings them together
to achieve the mission of reducing financial obstacles that may inhibit those of any skill level from achieving success as swimmers.

Pikes Peak Athletics Foundation Board

Audrey Eldridge
RD Trinidad
Robert Oldach
Vice President
Teresa Maxfield
Nathan Newbrough
Vice President


602 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Email: admin@pikespeakathleticsfoundation.org